The Great Crested Flycatcher

May 21, 2021

About the Great Crested Flycatcher

Welcome to SEO Jacksonville, your trusted source of information on the Great Crested Flycatcher. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intriguing world of this avian species, exploring everything from their physical characteristics to their habitat, behavior, diet, and conservation status.

Physical Characteristics

The Great Crested Flycatcher is a medium-sized songbird known for its vibrant plumage and distinctive crested head. With a length of approximately 7 to 8 inches, they sport a striking mix of bright lemon yellow and rich olive green feathers, accompanied by rusty-colored wings and tail. Their crests, often raised in excitement or aggression, add an extra touch of elegance to their appearance.

These birds possess a strong, hooked black beak, perfectly designed for catching their prey mid-flight. Their eyes are large and prominently surrounded by conspicuous white eye rings. Additionally, the Great Crested Flycatcher's wingspan spans around 12 to 14 inches, enabling them to glide effortlessly through their woodland habitats.

Habitat and Distribution

Found mainly in the eastern and central parts of North America, the Great Crested Flycatcher prefers wooded areas such as deciduous or mixed forests, where they are known to nest in tree cavities or bird boxes. These expert fliers are also spotted during their migratory journeys to Central America's lush tropical forests and South America's vast rainforests, where they spend their winters.

Behavior and Vocalizations

Great Crested Flycatchers are highly active and agile birds with a distinct behavioral repertoire. They rely on their keen eyesight and quick reflexes to catch insects on the wing, darting out to snatch them in mid-air and displaying remarkable aerial acrobatics. Their melodious calls, characterized by a loud "WREEEEEP" or a series of whistled notes, often echo through the forest canopies, marking their territories and attracting mates.

Diet and Feeding Habits

As insectivores, the Great Crested Flycatcher plays a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance within their habitats. They have a diverse diet, feasting on various insects, including flies, beetles, butterflies, and grasshoppers. Hunting primarily from perches high in the trees, they swiftly launch themselves to grab their prey mid-flight before returning to their vantage points to consume them.

Conservation Status

Thankfully, the Great Crested Flycatcher has a stable population and is not currently classified as endangered. However, their survival is dependent on the preservation of suitable forested habitats, as well as the conservation efforts to combat deforestation and climate change.


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